​Client Outcomes & Testimonials

"I have been receiving craniosacral therapy off and on since it first made its appearance in Vancouver some 25 years ago. I believe it is a gift as well as an art. Not everyone, even though certified, can give a successful BCST treatment. My first treatment with Megan was pivotal. In just one session, I was able to release the tension I had been holding in my body for weeks, if not months."
 ~ Elaine

"I'm a stopped up older guy and have lived through plenty of broken bones and some spirit rattling events along the way. From the very first session Megan's reassuring manner and sure hands triggered a deep relaxation and profound mental shift that is still happening. Megan has the touch."
~ Dave

"Thank you Megan for your miraculous BCST treatments. After just one session, a recent injury to my hip was resolved 100% with no further lingering problems. Another session where she focused on releasing chronic muscle tension in my back, was successful. Her healing skills will benefit many people!"
~ Shelley

"Megan brings her enthusiasm, passion and wisdom to support me in my expansion and healing journey. She actively listens to my concerns and then focuses her healing energy to enable a positive change in me. I am so deeply grateful and would highly recommend Megan, especially to those wanting a safe, sensitive person with the keen ability to untangle areas that seem blocked or shut down."
~ Jan

"My BCST sessions with Megan have helped me so much! I came to her willing to try anything, I was short tempered, exhausted, over weight had been unsuccessful for years at losing the weight. I am more patient, more positive and way more introspective. Because my mind, and body communicates better I am slowly, but successfully losing the weight. I feel more connected to my mind and body than I ever have. Megan is amazing! I can’t say that enough."
~ Marnie

"Megan is a very talented and gifted healer. Her power of presence is unparalleled; she is genuine, compassionate and it is lovely to share a space with her. I have had several sessions from Megan. They have all been very powerful and I have felt big shifts on many levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Her space is very calming and feels comfortable and welcoming. I would highly recommend Megan."
~ Leah

"Megan's treatments are amazing! She is very gentle and knowledgeable in her field. One Feather Healing is definitely worth a visit."

~ "Our sorrows and wounds are healed
when we touch them with compassion" ~ Buddha