​​Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
​~ The Basics ~

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a gentle, holistic, and supportive therapy. It is beneficial in treating a wide range of conditions and can bring about profound physical, mental and emotional healing. BCST employs a whole body approach to healing, orients to physiology and deeply acknowledges the inter-connectedness of all systems within the human body. It helps to relieve tension and disturbances deep within the body by helping to correct brain to body connection, immune function and overall health. It is great for working with chronic pain, muscular/skeletal issues, headaches, insomnia, depression/anxiety, trauma and all kinds of nervous system disorders.

Is BCST for you?
Do you seek relief from chronic pain or migraines?
Are you hoping to recover faster after surgery? Or avoid it altogether?
Do you want  to sleep better or to loose weight?
Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or short-fused?
Does your child struggle with anxiety or behavioural and focus issues?
Have you just had a baby and want to honour your healing body through this transition?
Do you want to help your newborn transition into the world, reducing stress or trauma from birth?
Do you desperately want to return to a loved activity that is lost due an injury or inability of some kind?

I am honoured to have witnessed my clients  reach goals and outcomes like these and I look forward to working with you towards your own unique personal health goals, we will co-facilitate some epic shifts to accelerate your healing journey. 

In a typical BCST treatment you will rest fully clothed on a heated massage table. The work is facilitated through a series of light-touch hand-holds. A Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session is deeply relaxing. Clients commonly report the following experiences:
  • pain relief (even from chronic issues)
  • improved mental health, relief from anxiety and depression
  • nervous system reboot, sympathetic/parasympathetic 
  • resolution/relief of muscle tensions
  • realignment of skeletal issues
  • a deep and powerfully restful meditative state
  • increased presence in body, embodiment
  • clarity of thoughts/ideas/memories
  • inspirational insights 
  • improved vitality and overall health

~ "Life Heals itself given the right conditions" ~
Dr Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO